About Us


Healthcare innovation is hard. Healthcare translation – the process of translating biomedical innovations into commercially successful and efficacious patient outcomes – is harder.

We have spent our careers observing extraordinary innovations fail to achieve clinical and commercial outcomes on a daily basis due to lack of accessible, pragmatic and rigorous translatory expertise – spanning IP, clinical trials, biomanufacturing and funding. This status quo is frustrating and fundamentally unacceptable.

We have chosen not to comment critically on this from the sidelines; but to make an active and disruptive contribution to global healthcare, foremost as patients and caregivers; secondarily, as experienced industry and research professionals simply wanting to innovate differently. Every member of our team, advisory board and you, our clients, shares this extraordinary passion.

Every IPAV team member has been the unhappy client of ‘generalist consultancies.’ Conversely, we are healthcare specialists. You are the expert in your technology. And our expertise and passion is partnering with you to ensure that your technology achieves its full potential rapidly and cost-effectively.

By visiting the IPAV website, whether directed by a search engine, a trusted collaborator or an IPAV client, you have already made a firm commitment to tackling healthcare translation ‘head on.’

We look forward to you joining us on our journey to catalyse healthcare translation, and most importantly, we thank you for the opportunity to contribute to yours.

With our very best wishes,

Dr. David Brindley

Managing Partner

Ian Bingham

Managing Partner