Case Studies

How we have helped our clients accelerate healthcare translation

No client, technology or sector are identical. Therefore, we do not have a “standard engagement.”

The only standard feature of an IPAV engagement is that we will take the time to understand your unique needs, and provide a timely, high-impact and flexible solution. This is healthcare advisory for experts, by experts.  And we’re yet to serve a client that didn’t find the process “fun.”

Enjoyable IP, regulation, biomanufacturing, and due diligence advisory services are not an oxymoron. With IPAV they are a reality. As are the transformative impacts on your organisation.
We aim to provide any service which enhances our client’s ability to conduct good business with IP.

These examples are illustrative, anonymised and/or adapted to protect client confidentiality and commercially sensitive data. As a current or future client, you will appreciate the criticality of IPAV’s consistent preservation of confidentiality and professional integrity